Why I started Nova Conservation: Part II

It never fails: after meeting someone new, the inevitable first question is, “What do you do?”


For a long time, I didn’t know how to answer that. But now I get excited to share my passion for wildlife biology as soon as I meet someone. Here is a typical conservation:


Me: What do you do for work?


Them: Oh, I work in an office…What about you?


Me: (bursting with excitement) I get to travel around as a biologist and work with birds!


Them: What? That’s so cool!


Me: I know. *me feeling like that emoji with sunglasses 😎*


                                                                                          Conducting a bioblitz in Costa Rica


I am so fortunate to have had the opportunities to travel and work with different species. My husband and I were just talking about this recently. I am incredibly grateful that I have a supportive spouse and family that watch my kids. I recognize that is not everyone’s situation, especially because these temporary gigs don’t pay well (see “Why I started Nova Conservation: Part I).


However, I’ve gotten such good feedback from others about how “interesting” and “cool” the work is that I get to do, that I feel like there has got to be some way to bring others along.


Nova Conservation is for the person who wants more than a resort experience. So many vacations are overly indulgent, but we provide a chance to truly experience wild places while giving back to conservation. When I travel places, I want to dig my heels into that place. I want to fully experience the unique ecosystems and culture.


What about you? Where would you want to go help conservationists? What sort of species do you want to see and work with? Highest on my priority list are snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and studying birds of paradise in Papua New Guinea. I mean, look how amazing these places and species are.

Won’t you join me to make that dream a reality? Sign up for our mailing list here. 


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