Neotropical Bat Capture and Acoustic Survey Techniques Workshop (November)

Arrive November 14. Transportation to/from the Belize International Airport is provided at an additional cost ($40 USD/pp one-way for shared shuttle). Workshop dates are Nov 15-19 and include lectures/labs during the morning and afternoon and netting for bats at night. Lodging and food are completely covered.


-Live, work, and play at the T.R.E.E.S Research Center in the Maya Mountains of central Belize. The Center is COVID Safe Gold Standard approved by the Belize Tourism Board.

-Learn how to properly use mist nets and safely remove and handle bats.

-Learn characteristics for identifying Neotropical bats. Previous workshops have captured up to 19 species.

-Learn how to properly use bat detectors to record bat echolocation calls.

-Learn the basics of bat echolocation and how to identify 30 Neotropical bats by their echolocation calls.

-An optional end-week field trip to visit nearby ruins, caves, and/or the ocean, depending on the participant’s interests. This additional cost will be between $75 and $125 USD/person. Or participants can relax and enjoy the station that day. We will still net for bats that night.

-Participants can arrive early and/or stay later to use T.R.E.E.S as a home base for exploring Belize and adding on additional optional eco-tours. Those arriving before Nov. 14 or departing after Nov. 20 may be responsible for arranging their own transportation to/from T.R.E.E.S, and food/lodging before dinner on Nov. 14 or after breakfast on Nov. 16 will be at additional cost. Please inquire with T.R.E.E.S for more details.



No previous bat experience required! Only an enthusiasm for bats! To handle bats, proof of pre-exposure Rabies vaccinations (and/or a good titer if your vaccine is > 2 years old) is required. Without this you are welcome to participate in the workshop and observe bats being handled, but you will not be able to handle bats yourself. Entering Belize requires a negative COVID-19 test or proof of full vaccination. COVID-19 tests can be done as a PCR test or Rapid Antigen test in your home country a minimum of 72 hours in advance (and you bring your results with you), or as a Rapid Antigen test when you arrive in the Belize airport. The cost for the airport test is $50 USD. The airport test can take 30 minutes.

To register, please contact: