NABC Bird Banding Workshop

Our fall banding workshop is back by popular demand at the T.R.E.E.S. Field Station and Toucan Ridge Bird Observatory in Belize! Over the 5-day workshop, participants will learn the basics of bird banding from certified NABC trainers. Instruction will be primarily field-based in small groups (max. 4 per trainer), while classroom style discussions will review: the history of bird banding, bird banding techniques, Pyle, Bird Topography, Molt, and other pertinent topics. The workshop is tailored for participants with no experience to those with plenty. For those wishing to become certified at the Assistant, Bander, or Trainer level, the session will take place immediately following the workshop. Participants will learn ageing and sexing of Neotropical migrants as well as resident Belizean birds using both Pyle and WRP ageing systems.


Workshop: Nov 7 – 11 (5 days) // $950 USD // (Arrive: Nov 6, Depart: Nov 12)

Certification: Nov 12 – 13 (2 days) // $400 USD // (Arrive: Nov 11, Depart: Nov 14)

Workshop & Certification: Nov 7 – 13 (7 days) // $1,350 USD (Arrive Nov 6, Depart: Nov 14)


Course is hosted in an open-air facility with small groups (max. 4 per trainer) at T.R.E.E.S Research Center, Covid-Safe Gold Standard Approved.

For more information about the workshop contact us at or

Mammal Research Field Course

This Field Course is for those people interested in learning or improving research techniques and related field skills for studying terrestrial and arboreal mammals in tropical habitats. We offer Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Master-level course segments in line transect sampling, camera trapping, track traps, species identification (especially via auditory cues, tracks, scats and other sign) and datasheet and database management methods. Each course segment lasts two weeks, and interns can opt to combine several segments into a course that best suits their training needs with respect to non-volant mammals. Each course segment is led by one or two mammal experts, each with years of experience to share, and include both theoretical and practical classes. Participants who successfully complete the full course (i.e. all four segments, Beginner to Master, lasting 8 weeks) or the three most advanced segments (i.e. Intermediate to Master, 6 weeks) can gain direct access to the Skilled Research Internship program going forward, as their level of expertise will have reached a sufficiently high level that they would be able to assist the mammal team coordinators with all aspects of their work in a professional and semi-independent manner. Fees apply for each course segment.